Professional Soffit & Fascia Repair Services

Protect your home from Louisiana's harsh weather with expert soffit and fascia repair services from Rouge Painters. Replace damaged wood promptly to prevent rodents and bugs from compromising your home's integrity. Our comprehensive service includes sealing and painting, ensuring a finished product and peace of mind.

Why Choose Rouge Painters?

Local, Licensed, and Insured: Serving the Baton Rouge area, Rouge Painters is committed to delivering the quality and service you deserve.

Experienced Professionals: Our skilled team prides itself on completing your remodeling and improvement projects efficiently while maintaining a clean workspace.

Our Process

  • Assessment & Preparation

    • Remove and inspect damaged soffit and fascia.

    • Assess sub-fascia and rafters for any additional issues.

  • Replacement & Repair

    • Install new primed and grooved fascia boards.

    • Replace soffit with luan plywood.

    • Seal and paint all replaced areas for a polished finish.

  • Materials We Use

    • Primed and Grooved Fascia Boards : Ensures durability and a seamless look.

    • Luan Plywood for Soffit: Provides a sturdy and attractive finish.

Additional Services

Custom Cut Side Fascia: Maintain your home's aesthetic with personalized fascia designs.